A year ago, huge surges. Today...


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A year ago, the Broncos and the Rockies we're playing at the same time. It was surging. I even snagged a 4.2x surge to a dispensary and the passenger had me wait until he got out 20 minutes later. Hey no problem, I getting $25 an hour to wait!

This year, a bonus of $2 or less per ride to get stuck on clogged downtown streets. Forget that. I'll sit it out and hopefully get a surge.

What are your plans?


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I work Wednesday to Sundays doing Uber. It's a job I do know matter if its Surging or not but it definitely sounds good to me!


Picked up drugged up dudes from pretty lights, all they did was say silly things and giggle a lot. Then picked up drunk dudes downtown who are just annoying. Drugs win!


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I did an Airport run, a Mile High Broncos Run, a Fiddler's Green, and a Pretty Lights, AND A PICKUP AT A STRIP CLUB. Isn't there some award for a Five-FER?

The worst thing about being an Evening Uber Driver? It's 6 am and I can't sleep....... uggggg...


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You know, I dont know. I picked up my group at the Chinook...

Maybe No One I think they worked there they were talking about the 80s Bands thing but I figured out that's tonight. Why would it be Surging like crazy there last night?

I am bored to death I have been in the lot for 2 hours....


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I don't think the average Friday night or Saturday night surges like it used to. The CRB bonuses keep drivers on the road for peanuts, and Uber is cutting into our take with the upfront pricing.

You'll still catch some good surges during baseball and football games. I've been out of town so I haven't yet downloaded the new app to see what that's all about.

If you've been doing this for over two years you'll remember the consistent surges on Lyft during AM traffic. Now, it rarely happens. This is precisely why I've switched to airport rides. More efficient, less wear and tear on the cars, and you don't have to deal with drunks.