A whole $15 for 60 rides. Wow


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Heres what my promotions have been for over a year. Haven’t had a single quest or extra money offer in over a year.
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Promos have been fading away slowly in my market. This week Uber isn't offering any Quest at all. Last week it was $30 for 70 trips. It's not really a surprise. People are going back to work and more drivers are returning. Uber doesn't need to offer bonuses to get enough drivers out.


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Half the time I can't accomplish the streaks/quests in the given time. All the other drivers are trying to get them too and it oversaturates the city.

The economic depression is in full swing for main street USA.
For the streaks, you only have to start the first trip in the streak zone and time, and the next 2 can be anywhere else, any time, so long as you don’t go offline and don’t decline or cancel any trip.


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Oh my got ,this is ridiculous. Uber was paying very well promotions in new york 2 years ago and these promotions above are very low almost none on top of base fares.these are could be promotions for slavery drivers.
I don't even know why they embarrass themselves with showing that. Most drivers don't care for that.