Duane Mitchell

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Taxis have a partition to put signs on. Where can we put a sign? I was thinking the visor but that's no good. Or a decal on the window? How about a cover of some sort made to go over the the front seat head rests where you could then attach some signage? Like tipping on one side, the passenger side, and the pax rating system on the other.

Something that is sewn together with a draw string to keep it on. Maybe some velcro or something to attach a sign.


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image.jpeg image.png I followed UB's lead. I printed out a copy of his sign (he uploaded it in another thread). Got it laminated, punched 2 holes in it, and hung it behind the front passenger seat with some string. See attached picture. The sign in the picture is 7" X 5". I think it's a little to big. Too much "in your face" like. So, I'm making up 5" x 3.5" signs. One for the front seat pax and one for the back seat paxs. I want to be subtle about it.

I have hand out sheets of Uber's new tipping policy. I don't plan to post them, but give them to paxs who question the tipping policy.