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A Surge of Illogic


New Member
You've heard don't chase the surge. You know that most riders won't hit go if the price is more than they want to pay. So what does the surge mechanic actually accomplish? Either the rider will wait or move. But in reality what they're going to do is flip open the other app and get a better price.

My point is, what surges actually do is give away business. If Lyft wanted to put Uber out of business, the easiest method would be to give away smart phones that can't close the Uber app. Constant surges, constant app switching.

Here's how surges should work logically: calculate the average number of requests each hour over the last month. So from 5-6 on the previous 4 Fridays, you get an average number. From 6-7 you get another number. Now base pricing on the traffic volume averages. Pricing is now dictated by pattern instead of moment to moment fluctuations. It won't matter if you're in a high volume area or not, bc the demand for drivers remains the same, on average, at any given hour of any given day.