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A Rider Puked on Me, Now What?


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I haven't had that many vomit rides, I think 9 or 10 over 4,500 plus trips. And I'll admit, it doesn't bother me to get 70 bucks from Uber after someone pukes outside my car b/c I know it will just be a $10.00 car wash and less than an hour of window washing time to be sure its all gone. Then back on the road after an easy 50 bucks net.

Last night was a little different. I had a power puker. From the back seat he puked so violently I had to clean puke out of the CD player and front air vents with Q-trips. BTW, parking the car seemed like a pretty good idea after someone projectile vomits, until you reach for the stick shift which is also covered in vomit. To add insult to injury, I've also added a picture of where the guy actually puked ON ME.

No quickie clean here. I've spent $150 so far on professional detailing and getting some personal stuff replaced (like the shirt the guy puked on). And I kept all receipts. Basically, 110 for professional cleaning, 20 for enough cleaning supplies and late night car wash to get me home, and 20 to replace some personal stuff that had puke on it, like the shirt off my back.

My fear is Uber will offer $150. Maybe even less if they consider the property loss not covered by a cleaning fee, e.g. cost of doing business. After all, I was going to wash the shirt anyway so why should the rider have to pay for a new shirt?

I'm trying to prepare my defense for Uber's low-ball cleaning fee and trying to figure out how to position this to be something more significant than an a $150 cleaning fee. My understanding is Uber caps cleaning fees at $150. True???

It really is gut wrenching when you realize, wow, I've put myself in a position that someone can vomit on me and I should expect the same compensation as if they had vomited on a floor mat.

Oh, and lost wages b/c I'm been off line for a day? Uber already set my expectations their policy is they don't pay for "potential" wages lost.

Any thoughts on how to maneuver Uber for the most compensation a power puking?
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Thanks in Advance for your comments.


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Yes, the cap is $150. Just remember all the times it cost you less than you received, and figure that goes to the overage...

If, however, something is DAMAGED, or your dash needs to be pulled off, or whatever, you could probably sue the pax in small claims court for the difference. If you really want it, that is.


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Biohazard emphasis....

You need to find a way to express...

In lots of adjectives how bad it IS...8>O

Remember very few of the Rohits...

Have EVER had something like this....

Happen to them....8>)

Express yourself....

He did...all over you....in spades...

And he didn't try to cover his mouth....

It did happen once to me...got $150...8>)

You should try getting it out of hair...8>)

Good Luck...!!!



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Okay, I'll bite. Why didn't you just wash the shirt?

Basically for the same reason I use toilet paper to wipe my buttt.

Internal body fluids, especially somebody's internal body fluids, aren't ment to be on exposed skin. That's why they are known as INTERNAL body fluids. Blood, stomach acids, bile, etc, work best when they are IN the body.

I spent about an hour to start the cleaning of my car at a local car wash, power wash the floor mats, get the big chucks, vacuuming, etc. Nope, didn't think it would be smart to have any person's bodily fluid residue on me for 60 minutes. Even with a new shirt, and after doing a basic cleaning of my car to at least get home at 3AM in the morning, I still needed to drive 30 minutes with puker residue in throughout the car.

Charge the pax $250, pay the driver $80. Simple Uber math.
This is an interesting response. Doesn't anyone know if Uber really does this? I would not at all be surprised.


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You have a civil case and criminal case. Small claims court for destroyed items and criminal because vomiting on you is considered battery. Though they'd have to show intent, so the DA would probably downgrade the charge to public intoxication (your vehicle is a place of business, Hence a public place) and or disturbing the peace, if they wanted to bring criminal charges.


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Are you guys really telling him to wash the shirt?
Yes, I really am.

During my time in college, I hadn't yet mastered alcohol use. I had some times when I had to wash the clothes I'd been wearing. I never had any time when my clothes weren't salvageable.

If you're that squeamish about other people's fluids, you might want to consider a different line of work.

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