A month and half since last doing Uber...Couldn't be happier!!


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It has been a month and half since last doing Uber or Lyft and I'm very happy.

I was lucky enough to have found a decent paying job:

I will not lie and say I don't miss the flexibility of doing uber.
I have to do a 40 hours, 9-5 shift now, but it comes with many perks:
I now have health benefits and PTO, 401k, quarterly and yearly bonuses, and a long with a decent hourly pay where I average just over $650.00 a week after taxes. I know, I will not be a millionaire anytime soon with such a salary, but:

1. I do not have to put up with any more entitled asssholes for a mere $3-6 a ride.
2. No more putting tons of miles on my car.
3. I do not have to live in fear of getting in to an accident and possibly getting screwed by a pax with a lawsuit.
4. Again, I do not miss putting up with those assshole pax and sucking up to them to get a @@@@king 5 star.

For those of you that are able to find a decent job, please do anything else instead of ridesharing.

The economy, at least in AZ is pretty decent right now and there are plenty of jobs out there. Find yourself another gig. @@@@kk Uber!


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One day you will realize the terrible mistake you made. The joy of being an uber partner can never be replaced by money or time spent with your family. Uber rocks.


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I've done about 10 trips in 6 weeks. I did a couple hours one Saturday night and otherwise just turning it on when I have two places to be, and driving home isn't worth it.

The Saturday I pulled $50/hour with the mad surges. Tonight with modest surges, $25/hour. And tonight got my first minimum fare since the last drop - $2.40. Wow, that was depressing.

I fortunately have other things going on and this is just a time filler. I think that is probably the best way to approach it.