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A LOT more Uber cars in Atlantic City than months back...

Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by NJDriver, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. NJDriver


    Hoboken, NJ
    Several months back I looked into Atlantic City and on any given night there were a handful of Uber cars out. I tried out AC a few times and the rates were a bit higher. It wasnt bad. Now there are Uber cars everywhere all over Atlantic City. Some of the Uber cars are parked at people's houses and the people wait for a call while watching television at home. When it pings they pop out and do the ride. Other Uber cars just cruise around.

    If you go to m.uber.com you can see this going down exactly from your laptop computer. Every part of the area is covered in Uber cars. Much much more cars than months back...
  2. uberparadise


    UBER everywhere all the time. Low rates more drivers quick pickup times Ect ... UBER wants every car to be an UBER every single one. I am not kidding. The money is good at the beginning now they don't need you. Just move on to something else. They have goals and most of us are not part of their plan period.

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