A lot more crap rides out there.....


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I tossed 5 rides in a row this morning between 5-7 AM........all were the kind where you need to drive 15-20 minutes, just to take someone 5-10 minutes away. No thanks.......and I also had one ping from a guy I gave the $5 education fee to yesterday, because he didn't show, not dealing with that crap either.


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Correct. This is a valid point.

On the other hand, same could be said for half the jobs out there. If you're going to shoot for a career, it's not even going to be an hourly one in many cases. It's going to be one that involves trade school or college. A true career that someone would literally spend the rest of their life doing.

Lot of times it may look like I'm only talking about rideshare. What I am meaning is the versatility of 1099s. The way I run them is much different than other drivers that do Uber exclusively. Am I going to do this till the day I die? No. I do have other plans in the works, but I do not discuss that on forums.

A lot of times I am talking about 1099s but don't say it. That brings up valid counter arguments. Yet I'm not a fan of telling the world my resume, or advertising too other people exactly where the business is.

With no barrier to entry, if I tell everybody what is profitable at the moment, before you know it you will have too much competition.

I'll just say this. Over the years I have been signed on for over a dozen 1099s. I switch between whatever is most profitable at the moment.

Because of recent events, I have recently signed on to a few new ones recently. Which ones? I'm not saying. 🤫🤐
You wrote a whole lot to tell us you're not telling us anything.


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Actually, it doesn't matter as the masks WONT STOP YOU FROM TOUCHING YOUR FACE.

Seriously everyone needs to do just basic research on why wearing a mask when you aren't sick actually increases the chance of getting sick.
I am finding that to be the most difficult of the guidelines. Especially now that allergy season is starting. My eyes are soooooo itchy! So is the skin on my face.

Good thing I'm staying home as much as I am, I guess.😷😷


With the tourists gone and the business trips gone we now get a bunch of people going to and from the grocery store.

I had to cancel a ride today at a grocery store. It would have paid $3 and the lady had two carts full of groceries. AND the companies don't make it clear that drivers shouldn't be expected to help load or unload (especially during covid-19 -- because I don't want to touch those bags after the passenger and the bagger touched them) so most of these passengers seem to expect us to help them. Then when we don't we risk a confrontation or a false report. And the last thing I want is some lady yelling at me with spit from her mouth flying on my face as she is cussing at me.

With so many more crap rides, it would be nice if they adjusted their cut a bit to make it more viable for us. The customer is paying $8-$9 so I think we deserve a bit more than $3 for driving during this.

Also for healthcare workers it ought to be policy that they have to wear masks. Let's be real. They work at a hospital or nursing home so they have access to a face mask. They are also a significantly higher risk to us than the normal passenger. While we are at it.... we all should have masks too! If one of us get infected we could easily become super-spreaders. Where are our face masks?
They also should tip, I did ten rides yesterday not one tip. Piss me off


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I agree. Any rides of less than 3 miles should pay a minimum of $5. Also, pax should not be able to rate you.
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They also should tip, I did ten rides yesterday not one tip. Piss me off
During the pandemic, there should be an automatic 15% tip unless the pax wants to tip more


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I drive Lux XL and I've gone from working the best neighborhoods in town to the worst. No business travellers, only service workers going to/from their jobs.