A Little Trick


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Sometimes you get so many shorties you're ready to give up, but not before screaming at the doe-eyed pax, "get a real job you cheap #%}"!!!

Well, here's what I do to keep myself sane- I keep a log of all my trips and I mark which ones are long and which are shorties, and which are in between.

Then when it feels like every ride is a cheap ^{#% shortie I look back and I see how frequent the non shorties are and I realize a good trip is just around the corner....


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i do the same, but i write the actual miles, times, pax names, surge, ride type, etc. i started it last summer when Uber was bad at ripping us off on Pool rides. it's just a habit now.

and if you have any issues, Uber tends to ask me the pax name, so I have it handy.

it also helps me with the 5 minute timer for no-shows. i like the new 2 minute timer for Pool, I wish they would build it in for X.

some days are crap, some are really good. you can just feel it coming.