A little story from the road last night


I had the pleasure of taking a husband and wife Kiwi couple home last night from Mascot to Matraville.

They started the conversation with "Thank you for stopping to pick us up". I said of course. They then spent the rest of the journey telling me numerous stories of how they have a huge problem EVER getting a taxi to stop for them. They said they have often had to walk home FOR TWO HOURS. They told me taxi drivers often drove off with the car doors open to avoid taking them as passengers. They said they've had to HIDE their male friends to even get a taxi to stop.

They were among the nicest riders I had all night and incredibly polite and grateful. It was their first Uber experience. They were thrilled and hugely grateful to be treated like any other citizen. They were completely sold on using Uber and to never use a taxi again.

I have nothing against taxi drivers and believe we all need to share the road. I also believe that Uber often brings out the best in people and I'm amazed how generally fantastic all my riders have been this week. I'm sure it might not last and my mileage may vary in future, but I feel great to have been able to give these people a safe ride home at night.

Uber on people.