A little bit of Carma.


So I am relatively new at this.(second week) and on that crazy Tuesday night of the all stars game I had picked up a few good rides and my fair share of 3 buck rides. I was about to call it a night when I got a ping from a few hundred feet from me. Happy couple! Female pax happy to tell me that she just got engaged at dinner and flashed a big rock at me. They were only going 5 blocks so I told them that this ride was on me. They thanked me and when we got to the destination the man thanked me again, with a handshake and a folded bill. Drove 2 blocks before checking to see that he had given me a U. S. Grant (50 bucks). Good deed rewarded.


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Picked up a guy in Esco and he wanted to go to Santa ana. Said he didn't want to pay uber so he gave me $120 cash and canceled the trip on his end. Real nice guy.
What would you do if you for I think an accident?

Would mr nice guy. Report to uber?