A fun shuffle

Mista T

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Pulled up to a bar for a pickup. No parking available. No one waiting outside. No place to stop. So, I did what everyone hates Uber drivers for: I stopped in the street and put on my hazards.

Cars pull up behind me, wait, then change lanes and pass me. It's dark out, so I can't see the fingers, but I can sure feel them!

30 seconds go by. 45. 60. 75. At a minute and a half I said Screw this! I sent my pax a text, something like this: "No place to park, I'm blocking traffic, it's rude of you to keep drivers waiting on a busy Friday night. Feel free to cancel the ride when you are ready to order a new one." Then I drove around the corner to wait out the timer.

30 sec later I see 4 people round the corner and head to my car. 3 are walking at a nice slow pace, and one is jogging to me.

Oh, Hell no!! I pulled away as they are shouting. "Hey! HEY!! HEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!"

I zigzagged for 3 blocks. Uber STILL had the timer running! Collected my cancel fee and went on with the night.


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Man, I love blocking bar traffic with my hazards on. It's like the Uber driver equivalent of typing in all caps. And a good way to take your frustrations out on the world.


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Back when I drove a 2015 Toyota Venza I would whip out my asp when I was blocking traffic and roll the window down and shout and wave the asp angrily in the air and even beat the side of the car with the asp and put dents in my own car out of spite.
I’m contacting animal control in your jurisdiction. My legal team will be in touch.


Ian Richard Markham

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I'm surprised it never bit you.
I’m contacting animal control in your jurisdiction. My legal team will be in touch.
ASP in the sense I am describing refers to an Armament Systems and Procedures telescoping baton. But yea I looked it up and understand it is a snake also. So why did you place the emoji of a duck @waldowainthrop? I never actually whipped out an ASP and have only held one once and found it fun to whip it out and telescope it outward by flicking your arm all fast. I would love to do that as a power move in life for realsies.


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It's amazing. I've come to hate uber passengers from driving them and uber drivers because they block traffic even when there is an open spot.
As a driver I am almost afraid to parallel park when picking up because I'm pretty sure they will dash behind me to try to get to the driver's side. If not that then they are standing in the street and come running up to my car while it's still moving. I bet if they get hurt they would blame the driver. And if they're inside when you park they can't find you and act like you're doing a shuffle. I try to blame everything bad on the pax 100%!

Benjamin M

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I had a few no shows on Friday, unfortunately none on Lyft - pax made it with a few seconds to go.

Here in RVA, cars blocking traffic are the norm - RS and delivery (food / packages). Only a problem if you are on one of the many two way streets that are too narrow for cars passing each other or during rush hour.

I'll pop on the hazards about 500 feet from the address, traffic behind me shifts. Maybe been honked at three times.