A Few Newbie Questions


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I have been Ubering on and off for about a year with only a few hundred rides. I'm an avid reader of the forum and I know these have been addressed in some context, but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for. If you could offer a little advice on the following, I would appreciate it:
  • I am a select driver and live in the epicentre of that demographic, however I find it up & down depending on the day. With that said, for these incentives (guaranteed hourly or increased rates) do many of you drive X and select? I have some short term financial goals to be met and just went for it this last weekend accepting everything. Sometimes you just need to make money.
  • Does the metal incentives (gold/plat) include Select? It doesn't appear so in the fine print, but want to verify.
  • Touching on incentives for the 30/hour guarantee, does that show up on this pay stub that closed out early this morning? I am not seeing it.
  • What do you think of Metromile insurance? Anyone using it? I switched to them b/c of their model and Uber coverage. I had been worried about not having a policy that was not rideshare friendly (although Metromile is Uber specific). They cover all active miles once accepting a ping. I don't need to drive anywhere for a X ping. I had not heard of them until recently.
Many thanks for the insight!


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I used Metromile (on top of my personal auto insurance). Just paid every month. Yet to file a claim.


Best to read the fine print on all of the incentives as they change week to week. If you have the metal incentive you won't have the hourly guarantee. Since your goals are more short term financial and the metal incentives are more trip frequency based you may need to alter your plan to achieve your goals. Study the partner app/map when your not on for surge patterns within the levels you are able to drive, keep up with current events (i.e. concerts, sporting events and select festivals) and you'll find your niche. Good Luck!


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I use MetroMile and already filed a claim for a non-Uber accident. They came through perfectly, working with the other insurance company (not my fault). No problems. I'm paying less than I paid AAA before.
Also, I drive X, but I'm pretty sure Select does not get the metal rates anymore (they did earlier).