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A couple dumped their teenage kid on me in Ybor


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I'll make a long story short - went to pick up the folks who pinged me for a ride late yesterday afternoon. In Ybor, they were parked some distance from the busy part of 7th Ave. 2 adults, 1 young teenage boy - appeared to be getting some things out of their car trunk, the kid got in the front seat and buckled up. I sat waiting for the parents. I saw them step away from the car, but they didn't get in my vehicle.

My first thought : maybe they were putting money in a pay-for-parking terminal or some such thing. Instead, they walked to the corner, turned - kept going ! disappeared ! They never said a word to me !

So here I am stuck with a 13 or 14 year old boy. I was PISSED.

I was tempted to track them down - I should have. I was tired, it was my last trip for the day - I didn't feel up to a discussion that would be argumentative. And somewhere to be in an hour, so I had no time to waste.

Being a 10 minute trip, I went ahead and dropped the kid off. At his home.

Poor kid - his mom and dad are numb-nutses. So I gave the parents a 3 rating, not the automatic 5-star. So now Uber sends a message wanting to know why. I told them the story.

They reiterated - it IS against Uber policy for unaccompanied minors to be riding with Uber. I got the emails. Did the screen-shot - the matter is settled. If only we could get a nice cancellation fee when that happens. Fortunately, it's still a rare occurrence. Like I say a while back, we can no-show the parents, if they are not there- as THEY are the designated rider / account-holder - not the kid.


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I had a smilar story on Lyft yesterday, woman with three kids wanted all of them to sit in the back with her. She was going to put one seatbelt over two children. Told her that someone had to sit up front, which a child did and no one was wearing their seatbelt correctly. Immediate 1 star rating and called Lyft (did you know every one of their agents is in the US) and reported it. They immediately hopped on the situation and told me they would always have my back if something like this happened and I wanted to cancel the ride.

Don’t put up with the BS, you are taking on the liability if something happenes.


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Yep. You took him. He is old enough to talk. Would have simple said. I can't take you by yourself. Call folks or get out. Pretty simpke. 10 min ride means $7. Think of it like this. If you get in accident abd the kid is hurt. Who will be the Blame. You. Just say. No thanks. No rating necessary. The ride never started. Abd I would get my cancellation fee. Sit there on corner 5 mins. Or let them cancel. One way or the other I'm getting the $4 spot.


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You guys are right. I should have asked the kid to get out. But - I wasn't sure I could call one of his parents, since as far as the program goes, " it " would have thought they were in the car as well.

Question : CAN YOU call a rider if they are also ( theoretically ) in the middle of an active ride WITH YOU ???

Well, after 3 years, we still learn ...... next time, if a kid gets in first. I ask the parents before they pull a Houdini on me ...........


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I would have been so pissed...more that the parents just walked away without a word!!! Hats off to you for at least getting him somewhere safe! I'm thinking call child services on those jerks...smh..just when I've thought I had seen/heard it all.


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Yes you can still dial number even after start of trip. Just click that little icon in upper right of screen. It will say contact rider. Abd you can call. I've started many trips if rider ask me to wait a little longer than the clock countdown. If they don't answer after I call I will just cancel ride although I started trip.


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. . . . If they don't answer after I call I will just cancel ride although I started trip.
In this example, you mean "END TRIP" not "CANCEL ride" right? Also, before you END TRIP, drive at least a quarter mile away from the starting point; ELSE,
UBER will say you never had a trip and you get neither a cancellation fee nor a minimal trip fee, nada!!! Happened to me only once. :smiles: