A comedy script about (real life) Uber Driving experiences.

Jay Dean

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This is an idea, one that will be shot down, I am sure:smiles: If a comedy script were to be written about real life Uber driver stories, what would be written. Understand that this (posts contributing) is not what would be first in the story, or...what would be the best, but what fits in the realm of rideshare from a comedic perspective in general.

As for the drama, you can create a thread on that separate:smiles:


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I had a drunk guy in my backseat the other night who slept the whole ride home. When we reached the destination and I woke him up, he tried to exit the vehicle by pushing my front seat forward and opening the front door before I asked him if he was trying to open his actual door. He replied "yes" then exited the right way.

I once had a drunk lady who I knew would take forever to exit, so I got out and held open the rear door for her. She tried at least 3 times to get up while still wearing the seat belt before she asked me to unbuckle it. I did, then she got out of the car and started stumbling out towards a parking lot. While getting back in the drivers seat I told her that the front door to her hotel was the other direction.


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An idea could be the variety of pax, some crazy. some drunk and some horny.

Examples I encountered

-Pax shouting, “Mayday! Mayday!” In my car.
-Pax chasing my car and yelling, Stop!”.
-Support is like an Abbot & Costello routine.
-Pax go to Walmart & come out w/ big table.
-Pax said he’d deduct a star if hit he squirrel.
-Rowdy men begging for BJ’s and a lot more.
-Pax inviting me to his party, as he wife was waiting at the door
-Husband & wife fights in my car.
-Pax doing karaoke in my car.
-The smelly pax, like Barnyard Lady.

Examples I thankfully didn’t encounter:

-Vomiting or release of bodily functions
-Couples “getting busy” in their Uber car
-The pax who got naked and pleasured himself in the backseat of an Uber; happened to another woman driver here.