A/C & UberPool


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The more people that get into the car the harder the AC has to work, I haven't had a full uberPOOL car in weeks though. and probably not more than one party in a week. I collect about 40 bucks in cancellation fees from uberpool though.
A lot of drivers don't know it's only a 2 min waiting period for Uber pool. My clock counts down as soon as I see the green Start trip pop up.


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Cheap ass drivers who won't turn on a/c in the middle of summer should just /themselves.
I totally understand the current dollar-and-rates frustration of any P/T Uber driver (I'm not including F/T, boosted folks). But I agree with you here in principle; denying Pax A/C is not the way to let that out. It's not their fault.

Better to only drive at night then.


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Speaking of A/C. A pax I had told me to turn off my A/C and leave all of my windows rolled up. Mind you it's like 90 degrees outside. Plus she had a hoodie on.
i had something similar but not as bad. Pax says she likes heat and the humidity and asked me to roll up my windows. I got real uncomfortable fast. HAHAHA I cracked my window open a little bit.