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A better UBERing experience

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Ribak, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Ribak


    I make numerous weekly trips to the grocery store. It just works out better for me to split the shopping days instead of making one big weekend trip. I almost always go thru the self-checkout line and here are the tips I use for a smooth process:

    1) For fruits, veggies and other non-bar coded items, I jot down the 4-6 digit code in the notes section of my cell phone (quicker process at check-out)
    2) I organize my basket with heavier items on one side in an attempt to have an orderly loading of a shopping bag
    3) At the checkout line, I have my method of payment ready and easily accessible

    The above three items make for a quick and easy experience for me and result in a quicker transition for the next customer. Also, this results in no intervention from the store staff…thus making life easier for them as well.

    I have incorporated the above method by putting myself in the shoes of others (e.g. customers and store staff). I have complete control of how I act and react, but very limited ability to influences the external forces.

    The same holds true for rideshare. See life from the viewpoint of the pax and you will have a better UBERing experience.

    A Pax will…

    1) Often expect to be picked up where they are with little or no regard for surrounding traffic or a safe parking spot
    2) Will rarely check the APP to ensure accuracy of the pickup address
    3) Will often look at the ride as a one-time experience
    4) Will rarely be aware of the UBER/LYFT policies

    By considering the above Four points, a driver will be better prepared for the rideshare world and will be able to act quickly for pickup decisions (safety comes first). This will most likely result in reduced stress for many drivers.

    Obviously, if the Pax also chooses to view the situation from the driver’s standpoint, that would make a tremendous difference. However, we have limited control over that….we do have complete control of how we act and react.
  2. Dropking


    Sf bay area
    Are you bored today, Professor Obsessive-Compulsive?
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  3. Ribak


    Not bored yet. Loveing life on a Friday.
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  4. I think I met you when I was grocery shopping last week. Small world!

    Mr Rogers.PNG
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  5. Ribak


    Seriously dude, I came here from India when I was 7 and I grew up watching Mr. Rogers (May he Rest In Peace). Thank you for the picture, it brought a tear to my eye and flooded me with some great memories.
  6. SuzeCB


    I avoid the self-checkouts whenever possible. Each one of them represents a job that someone could otherwise have. Two jobs, if the store employs baggers, as well.

    It's a ploy the supermarkets use to not only lower costs by reducing staff, but also keeps the remaining staff quiet and in line.

    Kinda like some of the methods Uber and Lyft use...
  7. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Then you have to remember

    Can you say
  8. comitatus1


    Yet another rule I have recently implemented is that if I am going down an area with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic with nowhere to pull over I will give the Pax one chance to be out on the curb where I can pick them up on the first pass. Otherwise, keep driving to a place where I can safely stop and cancel the ride and move on.
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  9. Tnasty


    It would be a much nicer world if people put more thought into being thoughtful of others.
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  10. Says the guy that decided to go with nasty for a username.
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  11. Tnasty


    The only cable guy I heard of was larry, so I have retort!
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  12. JMlyftuber


    St. Pete
    Am i the only one noticing a similarity between Ribak's post and ftupelo? I'm wondering if they are the same person, with Ribak for real and ftupelo his troll alternate ego. I'm being serious, just based on writing style not content or attitude.
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  13. So basically, you are saying that drivers should be ready to deal with idiots?
    I agree, because according to my research, 95% of them are idiots, 4% are morons and 1% are respectable, intelligent humans.
  14. JMlyftuberJMlyftuber
    Funny I had also questioned RibakRibak before.
    Accused him as being the same as Uberfunitis.

    But I learned to trust and like the guy.

    Really don’t think it’s him.
  15. Tnasty


    Meant to say have no retort.lol

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