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8 out of 10 Rides Cancel

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by Tampaguy74, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Tampaguy74

    Tampaguy74 New Member

    It never fails. You drop off a passenger, jump back on the highway only to get a Lyft request. You get off the highway, make a few turns and the customer cancels on you! This happens NON STOP!

    And, why do I get ride requests from passengers that are 15-20 miles away? You drive all the way there, so the customer can go to a Walmart that is 1.7 miles away. Yes, you can ignore the trip, but I get this all the time.
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  2. Trump Economics

    Trump Economics Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Pretty sure it isn't always the customers. Lots of rumors claim Let-Down-Lyft is the one who's canceling because they found a closer driver. They're really trying to hammer home the whole "We're there just as fast as Fuber. And, like Fuber, we suck just as much, too." Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing whether or not it was the customer or Let-Down-Lyft. But, think about it: you're the closest driver at 15 min, you're in route, and someone finishes their last call (and is 5 min closer than you). The system goes, "Forget the first driver -- we don't care about him/her."
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  3. AllenChicago

    AllenChicago Well-Known Member

    Chicago (NW Suburbs)
    There's one driver in my neighborhood who drives 10 minutes to the customer's location, signals his arrival, and then cancels before the customer/rider can get out to the car. Three passengers have complained about this same guy over the past 2 weeks. What's his problem?
  4. Kembolicous

    Kembolicous Active Member

    Yeah, that's Lyft BS for ya! I get those cancellations when enroute, and wanna scream! I'll do you one better than your Walmart run. I ran 10 miles to pick up a girl at the bar, drive her 500 feet to the end of the mall parking lot, then she decides she doesn't want the trip, wants to go back to her friend in the bar! $4. Minus Lyft's cut, = $3.20. Then turn around and go back to my staging area, because nothing is going on out in the boonies . No more boonie runs. That BS has happened too many times. I refuse them, then Lyft sends me nasty "your acceptance rate is low".
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  5. elelegido

    elelegido Well-Known Member

    Just send them a reply, "Yeah... and your pay is low. You fix your issues and I'll fix mine".

  6. JimKE

    JimKE Well-Known Member

    In Florida, I suspect that it's the fact that Lyft drivers are few and far between. I think the pax sees a 17 minute ETA and tries Uber. They get 3 minutes from Uber and cancel Lyft. Or...the opposite. I got a Lyft request the other day and I was right there -- 1 minute ETA. All I had to do was turn into the apartment complex -- I was literally at the entrance. Pax cancelled immediately -- I guess they were expecting 15 minutes and weren't ready.

    I don't get 80% cancellations with Lyft, but I bet I get 40% or more. Some days, I've had one after another and no completed rides because I was on Uber the rest of the time.

    I did have one funny one the other day. First I had a five-minute no-show cancellation. She requested again almost immediately and I ignored it. About 15 minutes later a different pax gives me a Lyft Line request with a 9 minute ETA. I head that way, expecting to be canceled. 2 minutes, 4 minutes...nothing. About 5 minutes (more than halfway there), she cancels. $5 - cha-ching! My only two Lyft payments that day were cancellation fees!

    And as soon as she canceled, I got an XL to the airport for $38!
  7. cenTiPede

    cenTiPede Active Member

    I have you guys beat. I get cancellations without even getting a ping... How do you like that huh? I just get a notice that so and so canceled when there was nothing on my screen before.

    It could be Lyft playing games or just bad programming on their part.
  8. kcdrvr15

    kcdrvr15 Active Member

    kansas city
    I get those cancel notices too, no request came to my phone, but the cancel notice did. Ive started going off line, ck riders app to see where the other lyft drivers are located, then go back to drivers app and go online. If I get multiple requests with rider cancel fm same rider I try calling them, several times the rider has told me they were having prolems with lyft canceling the request...
    faulty program logic or error handling on the server side.

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