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5th Delivery Down

Discussion in 'Flex' started by Kalistis, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Kalistis


    Fort Worth
    I’m sure it’s solely due to the holiday season but I’ve picked up a block for 5 consecutive days and have my whole next week filled with blocks as well. I’ve had ample opportunity to accept more as well. I have a full time job but the evening shifts have been easy money so far. I completed a 5 hour block today in about 3 hours but I think I got lucky. This evening, the app glitches and showed I hadn’t finished my deliveries when I finished them several hours early. It took a few calls but it got sorted out. The leasing offices for apartments were still open so I dropped 4 of 60 at one front desk and another 10 at another. The evening block has its downsides. I can’t see addresses or packages as well in the dark. I picked up one Amazon Fresh delivery that was cancelled so they paid me anyway.

    Will amazon keep me on after the holiday or is this considered temp hire? I feel like this is something I can manage well on my time off. I kind of like the work. Does anyone do this full time?
  2. Amazon will keep you on year round if you dont have more than 3 issues in a rolling 500 packages
  3. Kalistis


    Fort Worth
    Issues as in theft? Is there somewhere I can see the status of my deliveries? As far as I know there haven’t been any issues.
  4. You get a weekly summary email
  5. oicu812


    If you want to make good money, never accept any blocks that far ahead especially evening blocks. My last evening block was 3hr block for $102. I didn't even consider it for a sec at $54 that I could've accepted it a week ago.

    This is the holidays. Patience in accepting blocks will be the reward.

    I did accept a couple of morning 4hr blocks days ahead for $72 which both were eventually cancelled. Got paid for them nevertheless.
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