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$500 sign-up bonus ripped off

V a n e s s a <3

New Member
Hi I am a new Uber rider and need advise. I have been working for 3 weeks and completed about 95 rides. When I sign in to drive around July 2015 I used a referral code that I found through craigslist that said there was a 500 sign up bonus so everytime I logged in to take a pic of my id and insurance etc it said $500 on the top left hand corner. It also gave me the option to refer and get $500 after they complete 20 trips so I put in my friends phone number and it said +$500 so then in the top left hand corner it now said $1000. After my background check was approved I started driving and completed 25 trips that same week I was approve. So now I email Uber to ask when my incentive will be paid and they tell me that it doesnt appear to them any incentive that there currently is a $100 incentive to sign in, but that if I had screenshots of that they will be happy to give it to me. What can I do?? They also told me the name of the persons referal code i used which was Philip Betz, it would be nice if I could get in hold with him to see if he did get paid the $500. Is this always an issue with them. If anyone can give me advise on what to do or if someone has screenshots it would help. Thank you.