5 star weekend prediction .happy friday


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Going to open the wallets up. Turn on surge. So us drivers feel good..i am ready.gotta whole $20 in tips last nt.... big weekend coming again...hot weather..eagles are hot...home opener....big bar crowds during games...positivity attracts...hope u all catch it....we want to catch these fish



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Today is brutal morning part 2 lmfao.
Friday decent = $5.00
Saturday very good = $7.00
Sunday....= $10.00 off the charts = $1.00 tip

I got a long trip too :smiles: i rejected it lol

Hans GrUber

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Haha to all of the above. Given my boost is "up to" 1.4, not expecting much this weekend. We will see. im starting to get my edge back, so I pray for a good surging weekend! It's my bday today and uber gave me nothing but pool requests as a token of their appreciation. Lol

Honestly, the above was obviously a joke, but I've found it increasingly difficult to fight the urge to troll this site out of boredom.


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So.... nobody answered how ubereats get paid and when is lyft taco mode coming to philly? Could be worse, it could be checkers mode lol.


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Lol, just the pax having a checkers bag in the car would be a grease bomb. Youll have grease marks everywhere even if the pax never takes any food out lol.


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happy birthday hans..enjoy life u are young ..take off and go do something..and start being more positive....you must rid yourself of negativity....you are killing youself....
i just want to be happy and healthy..
last nt i took alot of rides. i grinded out alot of shit rides..i was off mon and tues...after a while by being tough and positive . i grinded out $350 on a shit day with tips $22.
its pays to be positive....
and young guys who are not my age . why u do this fulltime is beyond me...

21st and diamond..
i got that new driverless car ..everytime i plug in that area.. the car wont go...i contacted support..they said its ok bob ..:smiles: