5 nights of goodne$$...


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.. Maybe if the app doesn't crash.
Taylor Swift is doing 5 nights at Staples starting Wednesday. Anyone plan on driving? Any tips to avoid the cluster @@@@?

I'm considering driving for this event specifically but my faith in the app and navigating the general location at event closing is not high. I've always steered clear of these types of major events but since Staples is not that far from my home I just might risk it.


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I would recommend asking the pax if they're willing to walk to you. Because events are usually a pain to pickup at. And I can't recall, but aren't most of the zones in front and around Staples taxi zones? Police in DTLA are already eager to give us tickets, I personally don't risk it anymore.
But it's definitely worth a try. No doubt Wednesday and Thursday will be better than Friday - Sunday