405 express lanes


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Had a ride to laguna beach recently and the road after the 405 exit must be paved by a higher power it was almost too smooth. Worst roads in LA / OC i have experienced through this job I would say is silver lake, parts feel like a trampoline and always knock my phone straight off the magnetic holder I almost always DF out of there imagine doing minimum fares all night in that area?? No thanks

Are you serious

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This isn't even a contest, Arbor effing vitae. The worlds worst freaking street. Alameda street in Long Beach can ruin your suspension in one trip, it runs a close second.

Biggest shocker, 710 heading south, transitioning to the bridges. If you are in the 2nd lane before the big circle to navigate the construction you will hit a hole that you can't see because of shadows. The bump you hit literally makes you think of how much is this going to cost me.

My guess is most go to Long Beach and don't hit this spot, but if you are heading to San Pedro, stay in the right lane. Or feel the wrath. Lol. You are welcome.