$31 Pool ride?


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I got a pool request Down on Oak St going to the North Side. Second rider ping as I was pulling away, on Elm St. Ok, so I'm on the way there and the woman calls me. I pulled over and answered. "I'm not taking this ride. There is no way I'm paying $31 for a ride from here to the north side. I said "where are you going?" "Altgeld St".
She asked me "Why is the fare so high?". I said "I have no idea. I'm not Uber, I'm just the driver." Then I had to walk her through how to cancel the ride.
When I got home, I looked up the ride, I saw that she had entered the address as Altgeld St... in Northlake.
I think I got a third ping while I was on the phone with her, because I got a notice after I finished the trip that I had turned down a request and "left earnings on the table". At least I got a $1.60 cancellation fee for the second rider..


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Another text book example of what can go wrong under robot/technology management.


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Should have told her sorry your driving can't talk , follow app instructions, then driven to her pickup location waited the clock out and then cancelled.


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I am not sure why an incorrect address and pricing is relative to anything.
The lady didn't realize that she chose the correct street name, but in the wrong town. I get 2 or 3 of these every month. That's why I always try to confirm where they're going when they get in the car, if the passenger doesn't look like a regular Lyft rider.

One thing that impedes the driver's ability to help the passenger, is how poorly Lyft's app is written. It shows a destination street name, but not the city...not until after you start navigating to the destination. How crazy is that?!


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Another text book example of what can go wrong under robot/technology management.
Passengers never make mistakes only one of two things are possible
1) The driver is an idiot!
2) The app is @@@@ed up!
I don't think there's any passenger that has ever dropped the wrong pin! It just doesn't happen!


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I make sure to announce the destination to the passenger before we start. Often the location they mean is not the one they entered. Yesterday it was the Green Lofts in Elmhurst instead of Diversy. That would have been unpleasant and unnecessary mistake.