30th and 15th uber orlando driver strike

MD Ali

My friend driver's,
Good morning. I am seeing still some driver working today they do not get massage that's why please every one pass this massage to all your friend who are driving or not. Post this massage to social media like YouTube Twitter.
please all driver's take day off every month 15th and 30th and expend time with your love one. you can take day off two day a month. you can, you do not loss anything ,you take day off ,just take day off at 15th and 30th every month.
please join with us.you help your self. please do so. Thanks Again.


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I highly recommend Monday 8-15 as school starts in Orange Co. you have to believe a bunch of people think it's OK to have Uber take the kids to school plus all the other chaos it will create, the first day of school last year had some great surge.


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The saturation is so bad here in Orlando you could get half the divers to strike and it still wouldn't surge lol


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They're raising the fares in Orl. You can "strike" if you would like but there are more effective ways to get what you want.