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3 years in as uber driver .. whats my.conclusions


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i am a 4.98. rated driver. i.ve see so many changes since i started .. the app certainly has improved but i wondered what other drivers views are .. i live and now tend to stay in my.home.town coventry bit so many drivers come.to coventry now i fear we are saturates too many drivers for number of rider requests .. .whats your experience folks .. can you earn a full time.living and still afford to rent ? i think its got very hard of late and almost impossible now tocl make.uber full time job as not enough work .. whats do you think ?


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It’s market dependent, and it also depends on time of day/night a driver works, how long he/she works and the luck of the draw.

While Im able to pay my bills and save for now, it’s too unsteady for me to do this long term.