3.9x Yum or Sour?


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Good people

Anyone took a 3.9x or a 4x on Saturday night? I was monitoring on my app while finishing on Eats. I noted that there was a 3.9x for the vast western metro - Point Cook, Hoppers, Williams Landing all the way down to Werribee Sth. I kept thinking "I should have been there"... and this went on for nearly 20 minutes then was down to 2 and then back to 3.

I was already sitting on a $43/hr average over my 9hrs (before Eats incentives) I had worked on the day and couldn't have been bothered.


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Most probably no one wanted to pick up there... Sometimes you see the 3.9 appearing in Belgrave or Diamond Creek too.


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Yeah extreme surging on the 'edge' of the map, is just to get newbies down that way. Once they get there the surge goes bye bye.......

Happens all the time out far east and down FTG way too.
Yeah agreed, I was out in Belgrave on a drop off when it surged up to 3.5. Thought sweet!

Only driver there according to rider app... zero pings.... Surge died after 20 minutes.

After 30 have up and drive back until ping came.

Had a 1.9 surge there from St kilda though so was still happy.