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3.0 Rated Riders I picked up

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Nick781, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Nick781


    So I get a ping from a couple who had a rating of 3.0. This was late lastnight, I am not a very logical person so I decided to pick them up. I was curious to see why they were rated so low. I let them know they had a horrible rating and went along with the ride having a nice discussion with the couple. They were visiting Boston to see their cousins and they from New Orleans. They even gave me a 7 dollar tip! this was only a 22 minute ride too! Very nice people. Glad I picked them up.
  2. limepro


    I picked up a 4.5 against my better judgement, asked for water, asked for aux cord, wanted to give turn by turn directions in which the one giving them fell asleep. Their rating went down some more.
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  3. I would've been curious of a 3.0 too but I don't think I would've done it late night. Glad it worked out for you.
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  4. Had a 3.0 too. I've got to the point of not even mentioning it. But this one, in the end told her that she's a sweet girl and hate to see someone not pick her up cause of that. I was her 4th trip and one b4 canceled cause of her tardiness. I did explain the mastering of pin drop 101 cause that was the issue I had. She txt me after words saying she would do better.
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  5. Luberon


    I ignored two different 3.0 rated pax last week. Both times it was past midnight. They were both far from where i was too, was 12 and 9 Uber minutes away.
    Not worth the risk of finding out why someone thinks they are jackassess
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  6. JimS


    Riders ride way less than drivers drive. I'm guessing that in most cases a 3.0 would be because of one 4* and one 2* or one 5* and one 1*. If they're close, and the numbers are x.0 or x.5, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and know that my rating will curve them up or down.

    If someone realized they're not getting picked up and they don't they are being rated, they'll likely just find another email address, find another $10, $20, or $30 coupon and get another free ride and 5.0 rating.
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  7. DieselkW


    I hate to cancel riders, everyone is new at some point and a low rating could be a lot of things.
    As I sat outside Walmart today, after the 4th minute wait, I started to understand why this pax had a 4.6
    At 6 minutes I let it go, sayonara lady, good luck....

    From now on, I'm giving a 4* to anyone that makes me wait more than 2 minutes.
    Any other problems during the ride, like "Make a Right Here, it's Faster" when I'm in the left lane will drop your butt to a 3*
  8. Chicago-uber


    I do not experiment with anyone below 4*. Heck.. I will not take anyone below 4.6 unless it's a surge. These people have low ratings for a reason, and I don't care to find out why.

    -- no *******s allowed in my car --
  9. vesolehome


    I had a PAX last night. She hoped in the front seat. Started chatting and while she was, she pulled out a bottle of wine from her bag, set it in the cup holder, grabbed my AUX cord and plugged it into her phone, turned up the music louder than you would to converse and continued to converse with me. She also was (i'm guessing) a call girl as she was a big mismatch from the house I picked her up in and and the 50-something guy opening and closing the door for the mid- 20's girl. Plus the cash in $50's she got in the car counting. She volunteered to tell me she was there doing a cooking demo for him and his wife. LOL! She was nice but took too much ownership and her drop off was ambiguous - no solid street address to what she said was her Ex-boyfriend's house. Once on this creepy street of run down homes, she said she forgot which house it was and had me driving up and down the street. Then said, she'd get out 'here'. I just wanted to get out of there by then. I gave her a 3 rating and felt kinda of bad today when I saw (since I only had one ride yesterday) she gave me a 5. Oh well, she still wasn't someone I'd want again. I think I was just taking her to her next trick anyway...
  10. ocbob2


    Orange County
    Here is a better option, don't pick up at grocery stores as they have too many bags and going a short distance.

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