25% Uber Commission for New Drivers & $1.50 SRF


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I posted this in the Uber History Edmonton thread but it's big enough it deserves it's own discussion too. From other city threads it looks like this is coming to Toronto and other markets too.

Uber increasing SRF to $1.50 and new drivers will pay Uber 25% commission.

Here's some Uber math (DISCLAIMER - it ain't pretty!)

An average driver with 3 trips over 2 hours @ $15 ave fare:

Currently in Edmonton that driver would average $16.80/hour before gas and other expenses. If the driver is patient does not drive too many dead miles or drive >5 km to pickup he should have under 60 km meaning the driver is around $12-13/hr.
The driver would earn approx. 75% of his gross fares.

NEW Uber driver with same 3 trips over 2 hours ($45 gross fares) and new $1.50 SRF:
$1.50 per trip SRF and pays 25% commision would average $15.19 gross/hr b4 gas/expenses.
He is now earning only 67.5% of gross fares and Uber has quietly increased their cut to over 32%!. The new uber driver under this scenario has taken a 10% pay cut from what the same driver would have been making a month earlier.

Remember this is on top of the 10-15% rate cuts that were announced in May/June (temp summer but likely to continue)
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Thank you for updated. I have been driving 5 months as full time just got laid off temporary that time . it seems to me is not worth when winter came pick up time would be longer and longer and more likely accident more hazardous in winter time fair likely same no change I am thinking quit .


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I drove in the rain last year made $60 rides but it wasn't worth it. But I take the risk because I don't qualify for many other decent office jobs yet. And in college.


My experience uber good for students and part time just weekends. If you trying full time not worth. Edmonton not LA and NY. Please don't take seriously driving uber just meet people have fun drunk riders on weekend listening their stories that's all. We will see winter time and when open school.


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With the summer price (That are likely to stay after that) and the new rate, I cannot find in any way how you can make money with uber.

I personally drive a new Nissan Pathfinder so my operation cost are probably higher than what they pay if I have to drive to pick up the PAX and return home after.

I was doing it to make extra money, discover the city since I'm new and to meet people but I don't want to risk my car since Uber insurance policy doesn't cover your ass.


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Uber will push the line to maximize profits as far as drivers will let them before significant (i.e. more than 30% quit) push back.
They fully expect 5-10% to quit every time the cut into our margins but don't really care.


Uber will still make more even they charge 5% only; in my opinion that is what they should charge. I drove last 3 nights (Subday, Monday and Tuesday) average about 7 hours each shift and make $45 per/night. I'm not even counting gas. That is after Uber takes their 25% . That is ridiculous \;(