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having your phone not on vibrate and getting a txt every 20 seconds....
chewing gum with your mouth open
pax calling to say they are at Rideshare Pickup A when your screen says A(cool tks)
App slow after ios11 update

LAX Hotels


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Priuses, stickers, and paxes with package
Service dogs, Wazes and students who lack age
Sitting at LAX
Waiting for pings
These are a few of my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS



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Aux cord (#1) Hollywood, West Hollywood, manhattan beach, playa vista, LAX, having to take a dump in a bush, slamming of doors, making out , passengers sitting in front, "were not going far" , no thank you for ride, getting flagged , "I'm running late " ,and many more I just don't wanna think about it anymore