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2018 Is Almost Over, Be Thankful

Discussion in 'Stories' started by ColdRider, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. ColdRider


    Hello all!

    I'm hoping you all are looking forward to spending time with family or friends. I get to see my girlfriend's family and will spend some time with my family. I don't get to see my family as often as I'd like but we are always so busy.

    I wanted to share what I'm thankful for and hope to motivate some of you to get out of the rut you may be in and make changes to improve your lives. I'd highly recommend you not drive today (for rideshare obviously). Enjoy the holiday and think about the things that are going right in your life. Be thankful for being on this earth for at least one more day.

    I woke up early this morning so I could get my haircut before my barber gets too busy. I try to get there before he opens to avoid waiting because unfortunately, he does not take appointments. I drive by the shop before he's open and sure enough, there are three guys outside already waiting for him to open. I thought to myself, **** that as I have other things to get done and don't want to wait over 90 minutes before he cuts my hair.

    I went to another barber shop nearby that gets great reviews. I park and see through the front window that the place is really full! All barbers were cutting hair and all the seats in the wait area were taken. I don't go to this shop often but know that the barbers there are all pretty good. There are two main guys that get the most business though so I'm sure that most of the people waiting were there for them. As I stood there, not sure which barber to pick and wait for while everyone stared at me and my girl awkwardly. The main barber tells me I'm next and pointed to a barber finishing a cut on an older gentleman. I hang up my coat and the barber cuts my hair. He's new and it seems like most of the customers there didn't want to give him a chance. Their loss! The cut was good and he finished me up in less than 20 minutes! I walked out with a smirk as all the people that stared at us in the waiting area were still there waiting. Sucks to be them, LMAO!

    As I left, the air felt nice and crisp. There was barely any traffic as most places are closed and there is no school today. Again, don't waste your time and gas today trying to make some money on uber or lyft. Please.

    I'm thankful that I graduated last year with a BS in electrical engineering. Thankful that I got a job offer not even 90 days after graduation. Thankful that the job offers great benefits and that my health and dental insurance plans are very generous. Thankful that I am more proactive about my health and that I'm taking the steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

    I'm thankful that my mother pushed me to challenge myself and taught me not to settle. Thankful that I've been at my current job for over a year and that I get challenged with new problems and ideas.

    And yes, I am even thankful for you guys. There was a time during my sophomore year that I was being told that I should drive for Uber because it's flexible and the pay is "great." This was a few years ago but I heard it pretty often then. I only heard this from drivers when I would take a ride here and there. They would tell me how they make $500 on the weekends only and how they barely have to drive, yada yada yada. They would of course give me their card and tell me to use this code when I sign up to drive so I can get this new driver bonus. Obviously, these drivers were trying to get a bonus by referring me. I started to feel like I was being pitched a multi-level marketing scheme rather than simply offered a convenient ride.

    Me being the inquisitive person that I am, started to look at my receipts and wonder how are these guys making $500 in two days? How are some of these drivers making $1000 each week? Doing the math, their numbers appeared off.

    I googled Uber and the type of pay a driver may get and of course, I found this board. You guys made it very simple for me to not even consider this as an option.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    We should all be thankful for UP!
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  3. That was beautiful, thanks for sharing

    I was honestly so blown away by the paragraphing, great sentence structure, appropriate use of bold etc... I would have liked anything you wrote. Please give m regards to your institution of higher learning as they clearly.rounded you out beyond the EE.
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  4. Christinebitg


    CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation and on your new job!

    I've been an engineer for a lot of years. This year, I retired and now consult part time. I'm thankful that I could afford to retire and not work full time.

    Now, ColdRider, repeat after me...

    "Five years ago, I couldn't spell en-gah-near, and now I are one!"
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  5. Good Luck Sparky !

    Plenty of opportunity in Petro Chemical.

    Looking forward to 5th& 6th Revisions on your Prints !

    ( good news is when you build 10 ships all the same, its usually Right by the 7th.
    Of course, we will STILL build it wrong & tear it down to sponge up " Change Order" surplus cash !)

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  6. jgiun1



    Too long for my attention span....stopped reading it. I bet it was good though.
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  7. Oh crappola, my 5th grade teacher has been reincarnated.

    And yet here you are with us Uber losers.
  8. ColdRider


    Your loss.

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