$200+ for 5 hours?


Well get ready for the unicorn stories..in reality $200 can be done but you have to work a loonnng day or get really lucky with surges (not much anymore) or big tips
Yeah, I've done it few times, but it was for more than 8 hours of driving, and there was some luck involved. It's definitely not the norm for me. I doubt anyone could do it consistently driving UberX in metro Atlanta.


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Has anyone ever made $200 or more working 5 or less hours? I usually drive Thursday- Saturday in the late afternoons, however, I have never made $200; that's even working up to 10 hours. Wondering if this is a waste of time.
Yes, but it takes a unicorn high surge for over 20 miles... Then $25 per hour for the hours before and after.

Here is $205 in under 3 hours with no tips.

Those cancels are buyers remorse, sticker shock, but actually helped move the surge up for me and the pax that did go through with it. Screenshot_20190506-095633.png
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Don't forget sitting at the rideshare lot at the airport for 5 hrs!
Those hours pause the driver timer (Uber) so they only count on Lyft.
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I just had a $220 day yesterday... $8 tips.

I was disappointed because I got too many short trips. I had a $300 goal because of Cinco de Mayo.... Had good timing at the airport though... $42 from airport surges.
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For XL and select that's doable on a weekend. All it takes is a $25 - $30 trip coupled with a quick $10 - $15 trip to make $40/ hr. You should be able to repeat that 5 times to get $200.