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2 star rating


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I got my 2nd "3" star rating out of the blue this afternoon. As usual,no rhyme or reason. I have given up on the fraudulent rating system and just resigned to my eventual fate. I only need to drive another year anyways so I think I can hobble along with my 4.90 and dropping weekly rating.


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BOOM!! It was fate!! I read this last night and BADABING I got a 2 today. Battling (politely of course) with Rohit demanding it be removed. Pax mom requested ride for daughter. I asked via text if daughter was a minor. Mom said no she is 18. They lived way out in the sticks and the GPS took me on a ride over dirt roads full of potholes and mud. Mom gives me a 2 for navigation. I will take it to the Supreme Court!!!
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