[~$2 per hour only] Relief Driver For Almost New Car


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Hi all,

I'm not a car leasing company and I only have one [very nice] car.

Anyways, after giving it a [really] long thought, I have decided to rent out my almost new car.

[1] Rates:
I want to be transparent so this is my rental rates and conditions:

• Mon-Thurs [~8:30pm - 6:15am] - $20 per day
• Friday [~8:30pm - 6:15am] - $35 per day
• Sat [~8:30pm - 8:30am] - $35 per day
• Sunday [full day - 6:15am] - $50 per day
= Only $200 nett per week

That works out to roughly about ~$2 per hour only.

** Even if a Public Holiday eve falls on a weekday, the rental will still be only $20 **

• Petrol - You either pump back my petrol used or pay 18¢ per km driven.

[2] Duration of lease: 1 month only [for us to 'test' each other out]. Can carry on if both parties happy. :smiles:

[3] Deposit:
This is the part that was holding me back. I am not taking the risk that someone will wreck the car and then don't take responsibility and pay for the damages. Since I have to bear the responsibility and pay for any damages while I'm driving, the relief driver should bear the same responsibility since we are 'partners'. So the deposit will be $1000. If accident-free after a month, $500 will be return [so deposit will be $500]

[4] Location: I'm staying in Hougang [near Hougang Mall], so preferably [for relief driver's convenience], someone staying around the vicinity, or at least have easy access to Hougang MRT]

[5] Breakdown of [realistic] potential earnings for relief driver:
From past/current U/G incentives and my past relief drivers' earnings, you should realistically be able to earn $2,000 - $2,500 nett monthly [maybe more if you drive max hours]

If you cannot earn with these [~$2 per hour] rates, you probably shouldn't rent my car or even drive U/G. :smiles:

If you have the time/will/need cash, $2,000-$2,500 nett [after deducting all other costs] extra cash monthly is definitely doable easily.

[6] Conditions to rent:
• Must be above 30 years old.

• Must have at least 5 years driving license.

• Must register with either/both Uber/Grab, so there's record to my leasing company that I'm renting out to a U/G relief driver.

• Do at least 5 U/G trips per week [as prove that you are renting not solely for... 'other purposes'].

[7] Benefits:
• Have an almost brand new very nice [not your typical Altis, Vios etc] car to drive around, both while doing U/G and for personal usage. Many of my passengers have complimented my car, and usually leave a good rating coz of the 'mindset' of riding in a new, comfortable and clean car.

• Don't have to worry about high rentals [if renting a car yourself] and needing to drive like crazy to maximise the earning to cover the rental/overheads.

• Don't have to worry about servicing and maintenance as the car is almost new and all servicing and maintenance are handled [free!] by the authorized distributor themselves.

• Even if a Public Holiday eve falls on a weekday, the rental remains the same.

• No long-term contract to worry about [especially for those wanting to try out if U/G suitable].

• No monthly HDB parking [return anytime to my car park when you are done ubing/grabbing.] to worry about.

• Have a car for U/G driving and personal use for an uninterrupted ~35 hours period between Sat [~8:30pm] to Monday morning [~6:15am]

• Have a car for personal use at a cheap rate. Can use it to send kids/wife to school/work in-between, run errands, bring family out etc.

• I have a guy to wash my car everyday, so no need to wash/clean the exterior of my car.

• While I'm not a pro U/G driver, [if you are a new driver], I can give you some tips to hopefully increase your earnings a little. I have average 4.6/4.7 Driving Rating for both U/G, and I always hit the incentives I'm going for + what are the 'Don'ts' to avoid.

Those interested, please PM me for my contact, or post here with your contact. I will reply within a few days.

Have a great day, everyone. )