2 months of driving in Erie, PA


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Just checking in with any other Erie Uber drivers (and anyone else for that matter) going into my third month of driving. After about 160 trips in the 2006 Honda Element, 118 ratings, 110 five stars and a 4.92 rating, here are some random things I have learned:

-Uber drivers, even the nicest ones, rarely tip. Erie Uber drivers are even cheaper than that and avoid surges like vampires avoid sunlight. Drunks, however, can be very nice tippers.
-A dashcam is a must. I haven't needed any of the video but its great peace of mind and riders have always been OK with it.
-You will always know where the best priced gas is and will never have a low tank.
-My car has never been so consistently clean like it is now.
-A Square credit card reader is a must for non-cash tippers.
-I've gotten really good at collecting No-Show cancellation fees.
-Uber charges a $120 fare from Erie to Cleveland.
-I've gotten one Issue (Navigation). I guess you can't always rely on GPS.
-All my five start comments came from riders that I had great conversations with.

Seems to me that if you know how to treat people, can drive reasonably, know your city, at least appear like you know what you're doing and have a handle on things you can do alright as an Uber driver. Now if we can get Uber to raise their rates and get riders tipping again, maybe somebody can actually make a living at this...