2 deliveries an hour normal


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My first night I averaged 2 rides per hour at 7.00 per ride. Will that improve as I learn the ropes or is that what I can expect. I was hoping for 9 to 10 per trip so I can make 18 to 20 an hour. What u guys think.On Postmates


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Since you are in the same market as AtomicBlonde, you may want to send her a PM and ask her directly.

In my Phoenix metropolitan market, I average between 2-2.5 deliveries per hour. Between long waiting time at the restaurant for food and customer leaving zero instruction on how to find their apartment room in a complex with 32 buildings, chances for more delivery per hours isn't gonna to happen for me.

I don't see anyone doing 9-10 food deliveries within an hour, not even if you pick up all the orders all at once at one restaurant.


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You will average 2-3 deliveries per hour. I think most ive ever had is 5. I think i made $30-40.
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Two deliveries an hour is the normal. Once you've been doing it a while and you learn which restaurants in your area are slow and blacklist them you might be able to get three per hour more regularly.


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2 and hour is about normal and why i dont do door dash unless there is extra pay of at least $3 which gets you to that $18 to $20 hour average.


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With Uber it was consistently 2 per hour. With DD/GH it more like 2.5 and occasional 3.


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2-3 is normal. Run two apps at the same time and you might be able to do more runs per hour if you’re lucky to stay in a smaller area.