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2 arrested in multiple kidnappings and carjackings of U/L drivers

Discussion in 'News' started by Mista T, May 17, 2018.

  1. Homie G

    Homie G

    Thanks for the link. I'm on those roads daily. That sucks those drivers went through that. Anybody that picks up there is not a punk azz sucker and will not hesitate to turn the tables when their life is threatened. Somebody's gonna F with the wrong driver and not be around to pay the buck fifty cleaning fee. Those sleeze bags got off easy.
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  2. Someone will end up blowing their heads off.

    And then get deactivated.
  3. Homie G

    Homie G

    Everyone needs to read that link. At the bottom.

    U/L staff members are working 24/7 for emergencies?
    Drivers should call 911 then call luber emergency?

    No time to call anyone ? WTF? Be prepared. Heres your 911 dirtbag M F ers. Don't play with the 313 drivers. We're going down swinging.

    What they did get right was the very last sentence.
    "Accepting fares is optional, so drivers should think twice about fares late at night, especially if the RIDER is new to the system" (shortened)

    That is spot on. BEWARE of 5.0 riders. YOU are the 50 in this situation.
  4. JimKE


    The sooner the better!
  5. I'd rather be out of a job than 6 feet under,
  6. Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Any day.
  7. THIS is what pisses me off:

    First paragraph. "Ride-share services have changed the way people get around and have been a great source of income"

    What kind of ****ty reporter is making this story an op-ed piece??? A GREAT source of income? Gtfo.
  8. njn


    "Accepting fares is optional, so the companies said drivers should think twice about fares late at night in isolated areas or intersections, especially if the rider is new to the system."

    This is comforting.
  9. melusine3


    United States
    Uber says accepting fares is optional? ROTFLMAO

    Then, get accused of being racist and then deactivated? This is why I cling to the northernmost part of my town and when I end up in sketchyville, I turn my app off and escape!
  10. LyftNewbie10


    Glad that they were caught; I hope that the drivers are recuperating.

    human grabage 50.jpg
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  11. I admit that I do not accept rides by certain names of ethnicity.
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  12. uberdriverfornow


    or that they had a service dog you refused to take
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  13. BUSTED !

    Wooo Hooo !

    Book em Danno !

    Next week


    Pick them up or ELSE !

    Dreads has a Purty Mouth.

    They gonna like him in Prison !

    Fast n Furious. . . . .

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  14. This exact thing happened to me when the woman didn't have a child seat. Couldn't work for 24 hours bc I was racist. Utter bs.
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  15. Uber is the House Constructed of B.S
  16. Fed truck

    Fed truck

    When I don't accept the fare I seem to always get this nasty little message from u/l telling me how important it is for me to accept all trips because the community needs me. ctfu
  17. Next person I go to pick up like this is getting a call to Child Protective Services with a few pictures of the parent.
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  18. UberLaLa


    LaLa Land
    Umh...uh...you 313 drivers are not to be trifled with :eek:

    Court records show a gun was pulled out and put in the driver's mouth. He was ordered to call a friend to bring $1,500 or be killed, according to authorities.

    The Uber driver grabbed the gun and tried to shoot his kidnappers, but it didn't fire. He escaped, but his car was stolen, officials said.

    Genuinely curious. Had you started trip, or was she able to 'report' you even though it was a Cancel? Thanks
  19. OCJarvis


    Whatever you say.....I know at least one company doesn't believe that


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