$2.75 Gas Price Ouch.....Drivers feeling the PAIN?


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$2.75 Gas Price Ouch.....
Gas Price goes up quickly but comes down very slooowly, Says the local news....
Another Hurricane on the horizon, future doesn't look good with Gas Prices for Uber Drivers :frown:


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They have done nothing in the past. There have been times in the past few years ago when we paid over $3.00. Expect uber and Lyft to do nothing.

The typical pax doesn't care ... he enjoys being driven and using your gas. Tip you as a driver? That's a foreign concept to him as a rider because uber trained him not to tip. That's why only approximately 20% of the pax tip either on app or in cash. Sure he will tip his bartender, or waitstaff, and he'll tip the dancer at the "adult club" .... but uber driver = rarely.

It would be so easy to add a fuel surcharge based on mileage for each trip that would go directly to the driver. Airlines do it ... delivery services FedEx and UPS do it. It would take some tech geek at HQ 3 minutes to set that up on the app.

So now, despite all rhetoric, you really begining to understand how much they really care about the drivers. You are a serf in the system.

Instead of "180 days" just add $1.80 to my earnings on each trip and charge the pax.


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For some of us (those who have cars that require premium) it's been over $3 since early last week. :eek:
That's another consideration a lot of drivers don't take into account when they are choosing a vehicle for Uber.


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I mostly do ubereats and anything that is not within 5 minutes I let time out since the rising gas prices. When they send me one showing 5 minutes or less and I accept and then it shows over 5 minutes I cancel. I choose the 'other' reason and put in notes about high fuel costs and no driver compensation. So far no uber repercussions.


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I just drove back from FL and gas there was cheaper than here. Which is usually the other way around. Mostly $2.59, some $2.40. Even in Key West where I was price was $2.65. Head scratcher........


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In the city area of Atlanta is $2.99 and metro areas are $2.75. The vehicle I have is some what lucky where I pay 2 to 3 dollars more with the rise of gas price. I know others probably paying 30 to 40 dollars. Those driving SUVs is really feeling the gas price.


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Me too! 55mpg average so fuel cost increase doesn't hurt quite as much, but it still hurts. Was $8/day and now I spend $9/day! So that's roughly $24/25 month increase in fuel expenses at this rate. That's an entire tank of gas! Or 570 miles of range!

Wow only 570 miles on a tank? That's not much more than my charger.