1st CAR your pax smells.....


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What was the worst smell you've experienced emanating from a pax? I think so far the worst I've experienced was a couple I picked up from a popular crab restaurant. They smelled like a mixture of low tide and farts.


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Some stank ass lady who smelled like she had been out in the sun for 7 days with out a shower, a very sharp scent of sweat sticking to her body and clothes. Judging by the white stains on her dark blouse, she doesn't balance her electrolytes well.


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Had a pax in front seat with the worst smelling breath I've ever experienced. Teeth were also extremely yellow so I'm betting that he had never used a toothbrush or toothpaste in his life.
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SuperUber drunk thirty-something lady who wetShat her pants before getting in my car, and she must have had curry for dinner in DTLA and I had to take her to Sherman Oaks :eek::eek::eek:


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I picked up an older lady with a walker and a strong smell of stale urine one morning in Burbank. She stowed the walker in the back seat and sat up front with me. I got to experience the stench up close all the way to DTLA in rush hour traffic.