i appreciate meester getoutofmycar's contributions to this forum. ( because he tells it like it is .)

i dont appreciate your ruminating on what ifs. ( so when would you have sold your 3$ bitcoin? when it hit 1,000?, 2,000? 3,000? if i wouldve only sold my house before the 2008 global financial collapse... if id only have sold my MySpace stock before the spit hit ... I could continue ad infitum. yet, now your SPECULATING that it will hit 3m$ ? So go grab a few at 5,000 and hold on, it's still a bargain.

btw, my opinion on... bitcoin is that there is way, way, wayyyy too much speculation taking place and this is whats making it UNSTABLE AS A CURRENCY (which was the intended idea).

i bought in a few months ago myself at around 1,200. Today as you report its worth around 5,000. Does this seem like something stable to use as a currency? It seems great on the way up... buying and selling of this currency has also been rather expensive for me as a layman. now just imagine someone tries to dump a load of his bitcoins (500 mil) in the market at 4,000 that he bought at 800. "what you mean youll only give me 600? i bought in at 5,000....

the only people that really got lucky were people that bought it and forgot they had it, and sold it. id argue its a sinking ship. test your luck, buy in double up and get out.

if youre gonna tell me bitcoin is more valuable than real estate in the USA, London, Tokyo,Dubai, Paris... I wont argue with you. but i remember clearly when they reduced property values by over 70%, almost over night.

excuse me for the long post, but my point is dont be mad you didnt make millions off bitcoin but be glad you didnt lose your shirt...
okay so lets speculate. i know that it takes energy to make these things, (china has factories while americans we have 4 desktops strung together, God we are ingenuity man).

so you learned your lesson, you could have retired already from this. people still ask me "what the hell is bitcoin?"

it's a sure thing. why cry over spilled milk? (it doesnt seem like your character) rather than invest in it ( i wouldnt, unless its to double up and get out)

my question is, you buy in for 3,000$ ( your a billionaire) it goes to 3 million. you sell yours for 2.8 million. you have destroyed the market and starved out the weak (poor).

so when are you gonna flip? like if you bought it today at 5k when would you sell? or would you hold?