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I hope a group of line riders spew taco barf all over their cars and then request to be dropped off in a red zone where the cops are waiting to ticket them, and then before dropping of the last line rider they get another added that 47minutes away that's only going 150 yards down the street. And then they get a ping from SFO where they spend 45 minutes in Sunday night traffic to drive the paxhole to a hotel that's walking distance from the airport but they don't have proper permits for the airport so they get their Taco barf smelling car impounded.


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:frown:it's sad....really sad.

Lyft started out great, then it slowly turned into BS. You can only know, if you drive for them. You'll be up to your eyeballs in BS.
Guess what....they used drivers to grow big then turn around to fffff the drivers. Exactly like Uber! They are the same evils! Thats Why drivers at the pig pen are doing the same back to them. FFFFF your riders without surge!

Even If They win temporary, They will lose at the end because They Did not creat aN Ugly BRAND. They Did not win anyone'S heart! They will lose in the long term. Many of these happened throughtout history. Thats Why successful Business people do not need to go business school. People like the management in Uber and Lyft still Have not learn a thing Even They went biz school.
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I actually think they are partners..
I had a North Korean book that was designed to show foreingers how good they live there and these "partners" Harun Al-Rashidian PR actions remind me pictures from that book, like " Our Great Leader Kim Jong-Il inspecting pigs farm and teaching farmers new more efficient techniques of raising pigs".