180 Days of ScrUBER


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Strange Fruit

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Especially when the non surge gets canceled on, and now no one will accept their non surge ride cuz it's surging. I canceled a 2X yesterday. I accepted it while still finishing the previous ride. Then I saw where they were after I dropped off. I checked rider app and saw surge went up where I was, and that rider was in the midst of too much traffic, so I took a chance & canceled like 5 minutes after I had accepted it. They are locked into that surge amount, so their request will be sent to the next driver with whatever it was when they first requested. I got a better ride.

They usually do, except when they don’t. They are a technology company.
This is true of boosts. Only about half my boosts show in the ping. If it's surging lower than the boost, it will show the surge amount, but the boost amount still shows on the ride after accepting. For several weeks now. Uber advanced technology company.

Blue Poodle

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On Lyft, while rolling up to a pax and you see the surge growing, cancel them when outside their door. You'll match again. Lyft is proximity based driver matching.

I'm actually not sure if this works. It does in my theoretical mind.

Please test and let me know.


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You can just hit the no thanks option. Some people will be fooled, but it isnt that hard to catch. Most likely just a glitch in the system, probably due to timing. Or the surge multiplier may just show up in the more info tab after you accept the ride.

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I flexibly told someone this morning I had a doc appointment/kid was playing his soccer game, so I couldn't drive that far. I have an uber support screenshot saying that this was ok. I'm just working a gig. Not sure what the issue is.

Oh wait, I remember what the issue is.