1700 Ride Uber Driver Just Started Lyft


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So I’ve applied twice for Lyft and for some reason haven’t passed background check. Third times a charm because I finally got accepted. Took my first ride today. Line to NY. BS ride. I have a few questions about Lyft:

1. Does Lyft have rematch at EWR?

2. Do Lyft destination filters work or are they somewhat broken like Uber where they send me whatever rides they want not going anywhere near destination.

3. Any benefits with Lyft over Uber?

Thanks in advance guys.


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1. yes
2. Uber DF is a little better than Lyft.
3. They are the same in ripping us off. Uber instant pay works better than Lyft, specially if you have a GoBank account.


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What ever you think about uber support, lyft is much worse

But you can see the pax destination before you start the trip after you arrive though which is the biggest and possibly one of a few advantages lyft has


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After 3200+ Fuber rides, I finally signed up with Lyft. First trip was JC to EWR Hertz early yesterday morning. Young Indian guy supposedly from San Fran, works in the automotive industry, out here on vacation with his parents. We had lengthy convo about U vs. L, and he seemed to know his stuff. I thought he was some sort of 'mystery shopper' either company had sent me. (Fuber still using their 'Hell' software? Tsk tsk.) Anyway, he left me $1 in-app tip.

By this time it was about 0430, so I did a few pace laps on the EWR 500, for old times sake, waiting for a rematch. Got nothing. Had to take up a few issues with Fuber CS, so I hung out in Terminal C arrivals and typed away. By 0500, still nothing, so I booked it outta there. I usually get instant rematch on Fuber after 0430-0445. What time do you early birds start seeing rematch on Lyft?

On second thought, his destination in the app was off-site, just outside EWR, but I dropped him off inside at Hertz near Terminal A. Maybe that's why I didn't get rematch?


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Hey ready for nothing but ghetto mommas loading up your car with their laundry bags and homies with the gold grillz...seriously, watch where lyft surges the most..nothing but the hood