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Uber Arnie

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Sean Spicer just said that they will leave Medical Marijuana alone and increase enforcement of Federal Laws relating to Recreational Marijuana.

I agree with Trump on most things, but he is wrong on this one. If it was ok to sell booze in his Atlantic City casinos, then its ok to sell weed in shops. Focus on the Heroin and hard drugs, legal Marijuana is the least of our problems right now.
Melissa McCarthy also said the administration is big when it comes to letting states make their decisions on controversial issues.... I guess it's only when they agree with it. Kind of crazy how I can go buy a m4 carbine from a gun show but I can't buy some weed.

It's all semantics though. Getting your medical card is a joke. Anybody can get it. Only people that really need to worry are the ones growing on a mass scale.

Uber Arnie

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This is actually great for the NorCal growers, they can't compete with legal corporate growers

Lax federal enforcement dropped the price of a pound from 4500 to 1500.

Now they can expect higher wholesale prices
To an extent. But if you start growing too big, then the feds will come knocking just like they were doing at the end of Bush's presidency and the beginning of Obama's as you're only allowed to grow so much for medical marijuana. Different counties have their limits. But I really do hope corporate america keeps it's hands off.

I don't think Trump will go after Recreational pot, but may go after large scale commercial growers.

I don't smoke but have friends that do, I just got one of these in the mail yesterday to tinker with growing herbs and peppers. Maybe I will grow some buds just for fun

Those 45 watt LED's aren't strong enough.


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Trump is going after drugs coming across the border. Home growers will be fine. The media is twisting the story.


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Trump doesn't want you hippies smoking your reefer legally until him and the good ol boys can figure out a way to take a grasp on the market and funnel billions into their off shore bank accounts.


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But I really do hope corporate america keeps it's hands off.
Hahaha. I get it. Corporate America is going to keep their hands off of a fabulously profitable business so small local growers can remain profitable.

That's a good one.


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The pharmaceutical medicinal grade herb here in CA was just fine before being fully legalized for recreational use. Great quality, abundant, affordable & plenty of strains to choose from. They could have left it alone and it would have been totally fine.
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