12 hr days


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Anyone ever do a 12 hr day? What would be expected earnings? I'm guessing 150-200.

Would airport or town runs be the best option for this?


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It all depends on a lot of variables.
The best approach is to experiment and find out what works for you.
Don’t trust any strategy advice you get here.

John McYeet

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When I first signed up for Uber last winter I was doing 12+ hour days. I live in the northern part of the city and would make around $100-$150 a shift.

Now I know better than to waste my time driving long hours and putting in-necessary miles on my car. I wait for weekend nights and event nights and make the same $100-$150 but in way less time.


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Update I've yet to max out uber driving time on 12 hrs and pulling 200+ in 10 hrs