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101 Reasons To ‘Strongly Dislike’ Being an Uber Driver


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Let’s create a list of gripes! Come on and vent.

I’ll start with #1, then the next poster lists #2, and so on...

1.) Drive thrus!!!! The answer is “NO!!!!” I will not sit in this drive thru line for 15mins for free on a minfare! Wtf?! Screw over an eager Eats Driver if you want McDonalds at 3am.


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18.) “You’re going to have to wait—I’m not ready! You weren’t supposed to be here yet.” (The F’n app lets you track me in REAL TIME!!!!! Have fun waiting for another Driver to accept your call and NOT cancel!)

19.) [the flipside to #18]. “I ordered my ride late AF, I’m late to work now!!!! so I’m going to blame YOU for my failure to manage mylife like an adult, Uber Driver!”