100 million dollar lawsuit

anyone know more about when us drivers in California are getting our money? I know it's pro rated so I will get a good amount and I want it!!!

Taxi Driver in Arizona

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Not blocked, hearing next Friday 15 July. He is requesting more evidence to show why he should sign off. Hopefully Uber will throw in some more money to sweeten the deal. They don't want to go to court and loose.
Ah, another hearing. Sounds about right.

More motions, more this, more that and before you know it its 2025.
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The driver less cars will never work. Ever. What's gonna happen when these idiot passengers request a ride and they walk 2 streets over. Are they gonna call the car and talk to it


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If you drove alot/think you're owed alot your best bet might be to opt out of the class and get a lawyer to pursue your claim via arbitration (for about a third of your winnings).


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Funny how some people think they are getting PAID......lawyers will take most drivers might get a little


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Driverless cars ehh, my thoughts on that matter come as this.
Ever call up your cell provider or utility bill company ?
Well than , what you first were greeted with was an automared system.
So I ask, was that an easy non frustrating experience to get through ?
Can you imagine the level of frustration of getting dropped of at input GPS location as it wasn't logical to the address given.
Will be funny to watch though.