10 minute timeout for acceptance and canellation

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So I had a bad weekend. I had to cancel an UberPool ride (no show after 2 minutes) and then an UberX within the same hour because a clueless tourist put the pin over a mile away from where they actually were. I also got timed out multiple times on Saturday night because I refuse to accept customers with below a 4.7 rating after 9pm. I got e-mails from Uber on Monday saying that now I'm subject to a 10 minute timeout for both excessive cancellations and acceptance. So If I cancel three times in a hour for any reason (including no show's which are quite common with Pool) or fail to accept three ride requests in row, I get 10 minute time outs.

Anyone know how long you have to be on best behavior before they will put you back on 2 minute time outs?

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I received the ten-minute nastygram, as well, but only have had to spend two minutes in the Virtual Corner.

Uber counts all cancellations against you, even legitimate ones such as you cited. For the no-shows, you are stuck cancelling yourself. For the clueless tourist, have them cancel. That does not count against you. I lie and tell the user that the application will not let me cancel and that they must. Uber still de-activates for a high cancellation rate. It does not de-activate for a low acceptance rate, although it will send nastygrams and send you to stand in the Virtual Corner.

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Thanks for the explanation. In this case, I think it was more than 5 minutes and I didn't want the customer to have to eat a charge for what was likely an honest mistake (the user had a 5.0 user rating which only newbies have).


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Be mindful that even if they don't log you off and you don't see the red banner for timeout. There is still the possibility of not being online even though you think you are. I've noticed that if I don't accept stool or x pings 10 plus mins away,I seem to disappear from the pax apps.However,after logging on and off a few times I reappear.
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I have no issue with canceling and fighting for the cancellation fee. It's not the money for me but it's the principle. I did what I was supposed to do when I go where they said & they aren't there.

You have nice intentions but for you, time is money. To paraphrase the very wise Another Uber Driver don't let their inexperience with how the app works affect your bank account.