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1 * Punishment

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Ubericator, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Ubericator


    Do you ever "punish" a rider with one star based on their discussion?

    I heard some pretty nasty stories while driving and a couple of times I could not help myself but to one star because of their attitude and ****ed up actions towards others...
  2. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    I'm always tempted with folks who are bigoted, mysogenist or just hateful.

    I don't. But really, really want to.

    Now some one tells how they hurt someone or a critter? They are on the side of the road calling for a ride and why their rating went down.
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  3. My initial reaction is No, never!

    But there was this one time... this woman was in my back seat telling her friend about how she falsely accused an Uber driver because he kicked her out of the car for being too drunk.

    Very rarely in this life have I truly thought that someone really does not deserve to share oxygen with the rest of us.
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  4. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    T, listen to this song. The very end is the punch line. Apropos.

  5. I only 1 * under 5 people out of thousands of rides.
    People who i nearly had to have physical altercations with.

    Not even the pukers get under 3 stars.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Bbonez


    In my head I deduct stars as from start to finish. Not ready when I get there minus 1, dont like convo minus 1, no cash tip minus 1, stinky PAX minus 1, back seat drivers minus 1, anything else that bothers me minus 1. The good news is you can buy all of your stars back for only a dollar. Any cash tip gets 5 stars I dont care how rude, late, dirty you are.
  8. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    Thats cool. I need to loosen up. I'm one in 100 gets below 5.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"

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  9. DollarFree


    Mom’s basement.
    Arsenal fans come close.
  10. Seamus


    New York
    I've never 1* anyone but came close once. Very arrogant and obnoxious drunk. Decided during the ride he was going to be my first. At the end of the ride he gave me a $65 cash tip on a $19 ride so I decided that bought him a few stars! LOL
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  11. Christinebitg


    Yup. I do it like that when I'm eating in a restaurant also, except there, they don't have the opportunity to buy them back, unless they comp part of the meal.

    Everything went fine with dinner, and the food was great? 20+%

    Slow with the drinks? Deduct a couple of percent.

    Not helpful with the goofy menu? Ditto.

  12. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    I have only one starred a couple of riders out of over 3000 trips. They either almost puked or did puke.the person I 1*''d who almost puked had some extremely obnoxious friends who seem to be ridiculing me the whole trip including at least one racial comment.

    You have the right to 1* any rider for any reason that you feel like. Just don't do it very often or your ratings of them will be discounted. Sometimes I think I should randomly 1* a small percent of non-cash tippers just because I can and because it was a less than profitable ride. But then I realize that's kind of mean so I don't do it. I hand out 4 stars about 10 to 25% of the time though.
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  13. I am a little over 1,000 rides but I only do the bar scene. I would say about 5% of my rides have been a single star. But the people I get aren't filtered, are rowdy, are throwing up, or generally not thinking about repercussions given their current state of mind.

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