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1 pax can make a surge


I have been wondering about the mysterious surges and dark orange demand on maps and it's been puzzling me why I'm not getting any pings when I'm right there in the middle of it all. I realize 2 days ago that a single person can create a 2.5x surge.

I just went online when I saw a 2.5x surge 2 towns away from me where you seldom see uber cars, and almost immediately I got a ping.when I picked the pax up he said he's been trying to get a ride 10 x already and been getting no cars available. Even though several towns away there are 20-30 cars online.

So unless I know there is a concert or something big going on in a surge or dark orange area, I don't bother going there. That also explains the mysterious surges in the driver app. 1 pax 5-10 drivers rushing to the place.


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Thankfully, I live in an area that has surges all the time. I've been online for three weeks now, however, and only got one surge at 1.5X the normal rate.

There was a day the surge was at 2.8X the normal, and it mysteriously vanished ten minutes after clocking in. Dang it. Surges are a joke.

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